Nudo y Puntada

NUDO, PUNTADA y remetido

Nudo, Puntada, Remetido is a website that started with the intention of creating a unique space where I can {write} {reflect) {weave, braid, interweave, intertwine}. Here I take my thread and needle and tangle and untangle my thoughts about me and textile trade. This is a collection of long thoughts that sometimes end with a knot, a stitch or a tuck.

about me

I was born in Bogota, Colombia where I studied design at the Universidad de Los Andes and worked for two years at the New York brand Mola Sasa, these places introduced me to the indigenous and artisan communities of my country. Indigenous communities are some of the creators of textile luxury, people full of resilience and hands always willing to continue weaving. My experience revolves around collaborating with them and translating traditional art forms and crafts into contemporary pieces. Writing has always been an innate exercise that I do to process and understand myself and the subject matter from which I want to create. In this blog I seek to give a unique space to my writing and to investigate more about it and its possibilities.